About Us

We at Hallbrook Design believe in good design, being the tool to improve your overall business. Good Design will give you products that sell and give your customers better performance, saves money, better for the environment, uses less energy. Our basic design strategy is:


are developing a range of products that for fill this set of design demands, that strive for long term solutions and improved functions.

On the following pages you will see some of our first products, more will follow. We hope you bid them welcome and we are looking forward to doing business with you, in order to secure our joint success.

HallBrook Design is part of the Salbæk Technology Group started in 1992 and we operate worldwide with our main business within packaging, automation and systems, design, components, real estate and leisure products.

 Our basic design strategy is:

  • Zero energy use in being ready for use. We only use energy directly to do the process, no more, no less.
  • Any part should be as light as possible saving energy in moving it.
  • The packaging material, strap, film, paper, should in itself be made from reusable, be reusable or produced from biomass.
  • The design materials for making mechanical and electronic parts should follow the same idea.
  • In doing this we will in fact make machines, systems and materials that perform better, use less energy in all direct and indirect processes.
  • If that is the case we talking about a winning concept for everybody.
  • Our sales concept must secure a simple understanding of these issues, making it easy to sell this idea to our customers.

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